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Providing top of notch tailored services to every single customer.

We provide a wide range of high value services tailored to match its customers needs.

Jezara Consulting was founded in 2020 in the United Arab Emirates and is continuously looking for the best practices and most efficient solutions in the market through providing top of notch tailored services to every customer. This has been achieved by having a deep understanding of customer needs, being involved in different positions, either as consultant, tower manufacturer or general contractor.

Our Services

New Telecommunication Sites

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Optimization – considering structure manufacturing cost, installation cost and civil works cost.
  • Design and Certification.
  • Detailed Design.

Existing Sites

  • Structural Assessment and Certification Certification.
  • Reinforcement Design and Detailing.
  • Structural Upgrades Solutions.

Fabrication and Production

  • Tower Structures.

Renewable Energy

  • Provide cost effective and technical sound solutions for solar and wind energy supporting structures from concept to procurement.

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